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Convert Foot to Nautical Mile (UK)

Please provide values below to convert foot [ft] to nautical mile (UK) [NM (UK)], or vice versa.

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Foot to Nautical Mile (UK) Conversion Table

Foot [ft]Nautical Mile (UK) [NM (UK)]
0.01 ft1.6447368421053E-6 NM (UK)
0.1 ft1.6447368421053E-5 NM (UK)
1 ft0.00016447368421053 NM (UK)
2 ft0.00032894736842105 NM (UK)
3 ft0.00049342105263158 NM (UK)
5 ft0.00082236842105263 NM (UK)
10 ft0.0016447368421053 NM (UK)
20 ft0.0032894736842105 NM (UK)
50 ft0.0082236842105263 NM (UK)
100 ft0.016447368421053 NM (UK)
1000 ft0.16447368421053 NM (UK)

How to Convert Foot to Nautical Mile (UK)

1 ft = 0.00016447368421053 NM (UK)
1 NM (UK) = 6080 ft

Example: convert 15 ft to NM (UK):
15 ft = 15 × 0.00016447368421053 NM (UK) = 0.0024671052631579 NM (UK)

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