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Convert Foot to A.u. Of Length

Please provide values below to convert foot [ft] to a.u. of length [a.u., b], or vice versa.

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Foot to A.u. Of Length Conversion Table

Foot [ft]A.u. Of Length [a.u., B]
0.01 ft57598848.131885 a.u., b
0.1 ft575988481.31885 a.u., b
1 ft5759884813.1885 a.u., b
2 ft11519769626.377 a.u., b
3 ft17279654439.565 a.u., b
5 ft28799424065.942 a.u., b
10 ft57598848131.885 a.u., b
20 ft115197696263.77 a.u., b
50 ft287994240659.42 a.u., b
100 ft575988481318.85 a.u., b
1000 ft5759884813188.5 a.u., b

How to Convert Foot to A.u. Of Length

1 ft = 5759884813.1885 a.u., b
1 a.u., b = 1.7361458300525E-10 ft

Example: convert 15 ft to a.u., b:
15 ft = 15 × 5759884813.1885 a.u., b = 86398272197.827 a.u., b

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