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Convert Foot to Astronomical Unit

Please provide values below to convert foot [ft] to astronomical unit [AU, UA], or vice versa.

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Foot to Astronomical Unit Conversion Table

Foot [ft]Astronomical Unit [AU, UA]
0.01 ft2.03746215499E-14 AU, UA
0.1 ft2.03746215499E-13 AU, UA
1 ft2.03746215499E-12 AU, UA
2 ft4.07492430998E-12 AU, UA
3 ft6.11238646497E-12 AU, UA
5 ft1.018731077495E-11 AU, UA
10 ft2.03746215499E-11 AU, UA
20 ft4.07492430998E-11 AU, UA
50 ft1.018731077495E-10 AU, UA
100 ft2.03746215499E-10 AU, UA
1000 ft2.03746215499E-9 AU, UA

How to Convert Foot to Astronomical Unit

1 ft = 2.03746215499E-12 AU, UA
1 AU, UA = 490806662372.05 ft

Example: convert 15 ft to AU, UA:
15 ft = 15 × 2.03746215499E-12 AU, UA = 3.056193232485E-11 AU, UA

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