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Convert Cup (US) to Cup (metric)

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Cup (US) to Cup (metric) Conversion Table

Cup (US)Cup (metric)
0.01 cup (US)0.00946352946 cup (metric)
0.1 cup (US)0.0946352946 cup (metric)
1 cup (US)0.946352946 cup (metric)
2 cup (US)1.892705892 cup (metric)
3 cup (US)2.839058838 cup (metric)
5 cup (US)4.73176473 cup (metric)
10 cup (US)9.46352946 cup (metric)
20 cup (US)18.92705892 cup (metric)
50 cup (US)47.3176473 cup (metric)
100 cup (US)94.6352946 cup (metric)
1000 cup (US)946.352946 cup (metric)

How to Convert Cup (US) to Cup (metric)

1 cup (US) = 0.946352946 cup (metric)
1 cup (metric) = 1.0566882094326 cup (US)

Example: convert 15 cup (US) to cup (metric):
15 cup (US) = 15 × 0.946352946 cup (metric) = 14.19529419 cup (metric)

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