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Convert Cup (US) to Barrel (UK)

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Cup (US) to Barrel (UK) Conversion Table

Cup (US)Barrel (UK) [bbl (UK)]
0.01 cup (US)1.4456149038698E-5 bbl (UK)
0.1 cup (US)0.00014456149038698 bbl (UK)
1 cup (US)0.0014456149038698 bbl (UK)
2 cup (US)0.0028912298077395 bbl (UK)
3 cup (US)0.0043368447116093 bbl (UK)
5 cup (US)0.0072280745193488 bbl (UK)
10 cup (US)0.014456149038698 bbl (UK)
20 cup (US)0.028912298077395 bbl (UK)
50 cup (US)0.072280745193488 bbl (UK)
100 cup (US)0.14456149038698 bbl (UK)
1000 cup (US)1.4456149038698 bbl (UK)

How to Convert Cup (US) to Barrel (UK)

1 cup (US) = 0.0014456149038698 bbl (UK)
1 bbl (UK) = 691.7471570908 cup (US)

Example: convert 15 cup (US) to bbl (UK):
15 cup (US) = 15 × 0.0014456149038698 bbl (UK) = 0.021684223558047 bbl (UK)

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