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Convert Cup (US) to Cubic Yard

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Cup (US) to Cubic Yard Conversion Table

Cup (US)Cubic Yard [yd^3]
0.01 cup (US)3.0944573045267E-6 yd^3
0.1 cup (US)3.0944573045267E-5 yd^3
1 cup (US)0.00030944573045267 yd^3
2 cup (US)0.00061889146090535 yd^3
3 cup (US)0.00092833719135802 yd^3
5 cup (US)0.0015472286522634 yd^3
10 cup (US)0.0030944573045267 yd^3
20 cup (US)0.0061889146090535 yd^3
50 cup (US)0.015472286522634 yd^3
100 cup (US)0.030944573045267 yd^3
1000 cup (US)0.30944573045267 yd^3

How to Convert Cup (US) to Cubic Yard

1 cup (US) = 0.00030944573045267 yd^3
1 yd^3 = 3231.5844155844 cup (US)

Example: convert 15 cup (US) to yd^3:
15 cup (US) = 15 × 0.00030944573045267 yd^3 = 0.0046416859567901 yd^3

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