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Convert Centimeter to Bohr Radius

Please provide values below to convert centimeter [cm] to Bohr radius [b, a.u.], or vice versa.

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Centimeter to Bohr Radius Conversion Table

Centimeter [cm]Bohr Radius [b, A.u.]
0.01 cm1889725.9885789 b, a.u.
0.1 cm18897259.885789 b, a.u.
1 cm188972598.85789 b, a.u.
2 cm377945197.71578 b, a.u.
3 cm566917796.57367 b, a.u.
5 cm944862994.28945 b, a.u.
10 cm1889725988.5789 b, a.u.
20 cm3779451977.1578 b, a.u.
50 cm9448629942.8945 b, a.u.
100 cm18897259885.789 b, a.u.
1000 cm188972598857.89 b, a.u.

How to Convert Centimeter to Bohr Radius

1 cm = 188972598.85789 b, a.u.
1 b, a.u. = 5.2917724900001E-9 cm

Example: convert 15 cm to b, a.u.:
15 cm = 15 × 188972598.85789 b, a.u. = 2834588982.8684 b, a.u.

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