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Convert Centimeter to Nautical Mile (UK)

Please provide values below to convert centimeter [cm] to nautical mile (UK) [NM (UK)], or vice versa.

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Centimeter to Nautical Mile (UK) Conversion Table

Centimeter [cm]Nautical Mile (UK) [NM (UK)]
0.01 cm5.3961182483769E-8 NM (UK)
0.1 cm5.3961182483769E-7 NM (UK)
1 cm5.3961182483769E-6 NM (UK)
2 cm1.0792236496754E-5 NM (UK)
3 cm1.6188354745131E-5 NM (UK)
5 cm2.6980591241884E-5 NM (UK)
10 cm5.3961182483769E-5 NM (UK)
20 cm0.00010792236496754 NM (UK)
50 cm0.00026980591241884 NM (UK)
100 cm0.00053961182483768 NM (UK)
1000 cm0.0053961182483768 NM (UK)

How to Convert Centimeter to Nautical Mile (UK)

1 cm = 5.3961182483769E-6 NM (UK)
1 NM (UK) = 185318.4 cm

Example: convert 15 cm to NM (UK):
15 cm = 15 × 5.3961182483769E-6 NM (UK) = 8.0941773725653E-5 NM (UK)

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