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Convert Btu (th) to Therm (US)

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Btu (th) to Therm (US) Conversion Table

Btu (th) [Btu (th)]Therm (US)
0.01 Btu (th)9.9956958825948E-8 therm (US)
0.1 Btu (th)9.9956958825948E-7 therm (US)
1 Btu (th)9.9956958825948E-6 therm (US)
2 Btu (th)1.99914E-5 therm (US)
3 Btu (th)2.99871E-5 therm (US)
5 Btu (th)4.99785E-5 therm (US)
10 Btu (th)9.9957E-5 therm (US)
20 Btu (th)0.0001999139 therm (US)
50 Btu (th)0.0004997848 therm (US)
100 Btu (th)0.0009995696 therm (US)
1000 Btu (th)0.0099956959 therm (US)

How to Convert Btu (th) to Therm (US)

1 Btu (th) = 9.9956958825948E-6 therm (US)
1 therm (US) = 100043.05970746 Btu (th)

Example: convert 15 Btu (th) to therm (US):
15 Btu (th) = 15 × 9.9956958825948E-6 therm (US) = 0.0001499354 therm (US)

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