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Convert Btu (th) to Kilowatt-hour

Please provide values below to convert Btu (th) [Btu (th)] to kilowatt-hour [kW*h], or vice versa.

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Btu (th) to Kilowatt-hour Conversion Table

Btu (th) [Btu (th)]Kilowatt-hour [kW*h]
0.01 Btu (th)2.928749999929E-6 kW*h
0.1 Btu (th)2.92875E-5 kW*h
1 Btu (th)0.000292875 kW*h
2 Btu (th)0.00058575 kW*h
3 Btu (th)0.000878625 kW*h
5 Btu (th)0.001464375 kW*h
10 Btu (th)0.00292875 kW*h
20 Btu (th)0.0058575 kW*h
50 Btu (th)0.01464375 kW*h
100 Btu (th)0.0292875 kW*h
1000 Btu (th)0.292875 kW*h

How to Convert Btu (th) to Kilowatt-hour

1 Btu (th) = 0.000292875 kW*h
1 kW*h = 3414.42594972 Btu (th)

Example: convert 15 Btu (th) to kW*h:
15 Btu (th) = 15 × 0.000292875 kW*h = 0.004393125 kW*h

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