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Convert Btu (th) to Pound-force Inch

Please provide values below to convert Btu (th) [Btu (th)] to pound-force inch [lbf*in], or vice versa.

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Btu (th) to Pound-force Inch Conversion Table

Btu (th) [Btu (th)]Pound-force Inch [lbf*in]
0.01 Btu (th)93.3178382515 lbf*in
0.1 Btu (th)933.1783825147 lbf*in
1 Btu (th)9331.7838251472 lbf*in
2 Btu (th)18663.567650294 lbf*in
3 Btu (th)27995.351475442 lbf*in
5 Btu (th)46658.919125736 lbf*in
10 Btu (th)93317.838251472 lbf*in
20 Btu (th)186635.67650294 lbf*in
50 Btu (th)466589.19125736 lbf*in
100 Btu (th)933178.38251472 lbf*in
1000 Btu (th)9331783.8251472 lbf*in

How to Convert Btu (th) to Pound-force Inch

1 Btu (th) = 9331.7838251472 lbf*in
1 lbf*in = 0.0001071606 Btu (th)

Example: convert 15 Btu (th) to lbf*in:
15 Btu (th) = 15 × 9331.7838251472 lbf*in = 139976.75737721 lbf*in

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