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Convert ft lb to Nm

Please provide values below to convert foot-pound [ft*lbf] to newton meter [N*m], or vice versa.



Definition: A foot-pound (ft·lb or ft·lbf) is a unit of work or energy in the imperial and United States customary systems of units. It is defined as the energy transferred when a force of one pound-force is applied over a linear displacement of one foot.

History/origin: The foot-pound is an English Engineering unit that is part of the British Gravitational system, based on the foot-pound-second (FPS) system. The FPS system is built using the units of foot for length, avoirdupois pound for mass or force, and the second for time.

Current use: The foot-pound is used in countries that have not adopted the International System of Units (SI). The United States is one of the largest countries where the foot-pound is still used in certain applications, though even in the US, the joule is preferred in most scientific contexts.


Definition: The newton-meter (N·m) is sometimes used as a unit of work or energy and in this context is equal to the joule, the SI unit of energy. In this use, it is defined as the energy transferred to an object by a one newton force acting on that object in the direction of its motion over a distance of one meter.

History/origin: The use of the newton-meter as a unit of work or energy is derived from the fact that the joule, the SI (International System of Units) unit of energy, is dimensionally equivalent to the newton-meter.

Current use: The newton-meter is more commonly used as a unit of torque rather than as a unit of work or energy. As such, the use of the newton-meter as a unit of work or energy is discouraged to avoid confusion regarding whether energy or torque is being expressed.

Foot-pound to Newton Meter Conversion Table

Foot-pound [ft*lbf]Newton Meter [N*m]
0.01 ft*lbf0.0135581795 N*m
0.1 ft*lbf0.1355817948 N*m
1 ft*lbf1.3558179483 N*m
2 ft*lbf2.7116358966 N*m
3 ft*lbf4.0674538449 N*m
5 ft*lbf6.7790897414 N*m
10 ft*lbf13.5581794829 N*m
20 ft*lbf27.1163589658 N*m
50 ft*lbf67.7908974145 N*m
100 ft*lbf135.581794829 N*m
1000 ft*lbf1355.8179482896 N*m

How to Convert Foot-pound to Newton Meter

1 ft*lbf = 1.3558179483 N*m
1 N*m = 0.7375621493 ft*lbf

Example: convert 15 ft*lbf to N*m:
15 ft*lbf = 15 × 1.3558179483 N*m = 20.3372692243 N*m

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