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Convert Btu (th) to Pound-force Foot

Please provide values below to convert Btu (th) [Btu (th)] to pound-force foot [lbf*ft], or vice versa.

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Btu (th) to Pound-force Foot Conversion Table

Btu (th) [Btu (th)]Pound-force Foot [lbf*ft]
0.01 Btu (th)7.776486521 lbf*ft
0.1 Btu (th)77.7648652096 lbf*ft
1 Btu (th)777.6486520956 lbf*ft
2 Btu (th)1555.2973041912 lbf*ft
3 Btu (th)2332.9459562868 lbf*ft
5 Btu (th)3888.243260478 lbf*ft
10 Btu (th)7776.486520956 lbf*ft
20 Btu (th)15552.973041912 lbf*ft
50 Btu (th)38882.43260478 lbf*ft
100 Btu (th)77764.86520956 lbf*ft
1000 Btu (th)777648.6520956 lbf*ft

How to Convert Btu (th) to Pound-force Foot

1 Btu (th) = 777.6486520956 lbf*ft
1 lbf*ft = 0.0012859278 Btu (th)

Example: convert 15 Btu (th) to lbf*ft:
15 Btu (th) = 15 × 777.6486520956 lbf*ft = 11664.729781434 lbf*ft

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