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Convert Mile to Mile (statute)

Please provide values below to convert mile [mi, mi(Int)] to mile (statute) [mi, mi (US)], or vice versa.

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Mile to Mile (statute) Conversion Table

Mile [mi, Mi(Int)]Mile (statute) [mi, Mi (US)]
0.01 mi, mi(Int)0.00999998 mi, mi (US)
0.1 mi, mi(Int)0.0999998 mi, mi (US)
1 mi, mi(Int)0.999998 mi, mi (US)
2 mi, mi(Int)1.999996 mi, mi (US)
3 mi, mi(Int)2.999994 mi, mi (US)
5 mi, mi(Int)4.99999 mi, mi (US)
10 mi, mi(Int)9.99998 mi, mi (US)
20 mi, mi(Int)19.99996 mi, mi (US)
50 mi, mi(Int)49.9999 mi, mi (US)
100 mi, mi(Int)99.9998 mi, mi (US)
1000 mi, mi(Int)999.998 mi, mi (US)

How to Convert Mile to Mile (statute)

1 mi, mi(Int) = 0.999998 mi, mi (US)
1 mi, mi (US) = 1.000002000004 mi, mi(Int)

Example: convert 15 mi, mi(Int) to mi, mi (US):
15 mi, mi(Int) = 15 × 0.999998 mi, mi (US) = 14.99997 mi, mi (US)

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