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Convert Foot-pound to Mega Btu (IT)

Please provide values below to convert foot-pound [ft*lbf] to mega Btu (IT) [MBtu (IT)], or vice versa.

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Foot-pound to Mega Btu (IT) Conversion Table

Foot-pound [ft*lbf]Mega Btu (IT) [MBtu (IT)]
0.01 ft*lbf1.285067463417E-11 MBtu (IT)
0.1 ft*lbf1.285067463417E-10 MBtu (IT)
1 ft*lbf1.285067463417E-9 MBtu (IT)
2 ft*lbf2.5701349268339E-9 MBtu (IT)
3 ft*lbf3.8552023902509E-9 MBtu (IT)
5 ft*lbf6.4253373170848E-9 MBtu (IT)
10 ft*lbf1.285067463417E-8 MBtu (IT)
20 ft*lbf2.5701349268339E-8 MBtu (IT)
50 ft*lbf6.4253373170848E-8 MBtu (IT)
100 ft*lbf1.285067463417E-7 MBtu (IT)
1000 ft*lbf1.285067463417E-6 MBtu (IT)

How to Convert Foot-pound to Mega Btu (IT)

1 ft*lbf = 1.285067463417E-9 MBtu (IT)
1 MBtu (IT) = 778169262.28995 ft*lbf

Example: convert 15 ft*lbf to MBtu (IT):
15 ft*lbf = 15 × 1.285067463417E-9 MBtu (IT) = 1.9276011951254E-8 MBtu (IT)

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