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Convert Foot-pound to Calorie (th)

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Definition: A foot-pound (ft·lb or ft·lbf) is a unit of work or energy in the imperial and United States customary systems of units. It is defined as the energy transferred when a force of one pound-force is applied over a linear displacement of one foot.

History/origin: The foot-pound is an English Engineering unit that is part of the British Gravitational system, based on the foot-pound-second (FPS) system. The FPS system is built using the units of foot for length, avoirdupois pound for mass or force, and the second for time.

Current use: The foot-pound is used in countries that have not adopted the International System of Units (SI). The United States is one of the largest countries where the foot-pound is still used in certain applications, though even in the US, the joule is preferred in most scientific contexts.


Definition: A calorie (symbol: cal) is a unit of energy defined as the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of one gram of water by one °C. This is referred to as the small calorie or the gram calorie, and is equal to 4.1868 joules, the SI (International System of Units) unit of energy.

A large calorie (symbol: Cal), also known as a kilogram calorie (symbol: Cal), is technically a kilocalorie (symbol: kcal), the equivalent of 1000 small calories, but is also sometimes referred to as simply "Calorie." Large calories are usually used for labeling foods, and as such, is known as the food calorie.

History/origin: The term calorie comes from the Latin word "calor," which means heat. It was first defined as a unit of heat energy in 1824 by Nicolas Clement and appeared in French and English dictionaries between 1841 and 1867. The large calorie was introduced to the American public later, in 1887, by Wilbur Olin Atwater.

Current use: Although the calorie can be used with SI, since the official adoption of SI in 1960, the calorie is considered obsolete. Despite this, the large calorie is still widely used as a unit of food energy, alongside, or in place of the SI unit of food energy, the kilojoule. The use of a capital "C" in Calorie is intended to denote the use of kilocalories rather than calories denoting a single calorie. This is not often understood however, resulting in some confusion when foods are only labeled as Calories rather than kilocalories.

Calories are also used within scientific contexts, such as chemistry. In these contexts, the term being referenced is most often the small calorie, though measurements are often reported in kilocalories.

Foot-pound to Calorie (th) Conversion Table

Foot-pound [ft*lbf]Calorie (th) [cal (th)]
0.01 ft*lbf0.0032404827 cal (th)
0.1 ft*lbf0.0324048267 cal (th)
1 ft*lbf0.3240482668 cal (th)
2 ft*lbf0.6480965336 cal (th)
3 ft*lbf0.9721448004 cal (th)
5 ft*lbf1.620241334 cal (th)
10 ft*lbf3.240482668 cal (th)
20 ft*lbf6.480965336 cal (th)
50 ft*lbf16.20241334 cal (th)
100 ft*lbf32.40482668 cal (th)
1000 ft*lbf324.0482667996 cal (th)

How to Convert Foot-pound to Calorie (th)

1 ft*lbf = 0.3240482668 cal (th)
1 cal (th) = 3.0859600327 ft*lbf

Example: convert 15 ft*lbf to cal (th):
15 ft*lbf = 15 × 0.3240482668 cal (th) = 4.860724002 cal (th)

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