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Convert Gram to Ton (assay) (US)

Please provide values below to convert gram [g] to ton (assay) (US) [AT (US)], or vice versa.


Gram to Ton (assay) (US) Conversion Table

Gram [g]Ton (assay) (US) [AT (US)]
0.01 g0.0003428571 AT (US)
0.1 g0.003428571 AT (US)
1 g0.0342857104 AT (US)
2 g0.0685714207 AT (US)
3 g0.1028571311 AT (US)
5 g0.1714285518 AT (US)
10 g0.3428571037 AT (US)
20 g0.6857142073 AT (US)
50 g1.7142855184 AT (US)
100 g3.4285710367 AT (US)
1000 g34.2857103673 AT (US)

How to Convert Gram to Ton (assay) (US)

1 g = 0.0342857104 AT (US)
1 AT (US) = 29.16667 g

Example: convert 15 g to AT (US):
15 g = 15 × 0.0342857104 AT (US) = 0.5142856555 AT (US)

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