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Convert Btu (th)/minute/square Foot to Dyne/hour/centimeter

Please provide values below to convert Btu (th)/minute/square foot to dyne/hour/centimeter, or vice versa.

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Btu (th)/minute/square Foot to Dyne/hour/centimeter Conversion Table

Btu (th)/minute/square FootDyne/hour/centimeter
0.01 Btu (th)/minute/square foot6809359.0768793 dyne/hour/centimeter
0.1 Btu (th)/minute/square foot68093590.768793 dyne/hour/centimeter
1 Btu (th)/minute/square foot680935907.68793 dyne/hour/centimeter
2 Btu (th)/minute/square foot1361871815.3759 dyne/hour/centimeter
3 Btu (th)/minute/square foot2042807723.0638 dyne/hour/centimeter
5 Btu (th)/minute/square foot3404679538.4397 dyne/hour/centimeter
10 Btu (th)/minute/square foot6809359076.8793 dyne/hour/centimeter
20 Btu (th)/minute/square foot13618718153.759 dyne/hour/centimeter
50 Btu (th)/minute/square foot34046795384.397 dyne/hour/centimeter
100 Btu (th)/minute/square foot68093590768.793 dyne/hour/centimeter
1000 Btu (th)/minute/square foot680935907687.93 dyne/hour/centimeter

How to Convert Btu (th)/minute/square Foot to Dyne/hour/centimeter

1 Btu (th)/minute/square foot = 680935907.68793 dyne/hour/centimeter
1 dyne/hour/centimeter = 1.4685669953806E-9 Btu (th)/minute/square foot

Example: convert 15 Btu (th)/minute/square foot to dyne/hour/centimeter:
15 Btu (th)/minute/square foot = 15 × 680935907.68793 dyne/hour/centimeter = 10214038615.319 dyne/hour/centimeter

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