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Convert Inch-pound to Horsepower Hour

Please provide values below to convert inch-pound [in*lbf] to horsepower hour [hp*h], or vice versa.

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Inch-pound to Horsepower Hour Conversion Table

Inch-pound [in*lbf]Horsepower Hour [hp*h]
0.01 in*lbf4.2087542098953E-10 hp*h
0.1 in*lbf4.2087542098953E-9 hp*h
1 in*lbf4.2087542098953E-8 hp*h
2 in*lbf8.4175084197907E-8 hp*h
3 in*lbf1.2626262629686E-7 hp*h
5 in*lbf2.1043771049477E-7 hp*h
10 in*lbf4.2087542098953E-7 hp*h
20 in*lbf8.4175084197907E-7 hp*h
50 in*lbf2.1043771049477E-6 hp*h
100 in*lbf4.2087542098953E-6 hp*h
1000 in*lbf4.20875E-5 hp*h

How to Convert Inch-pound to Horsepower Hour

1 in*lbf = 4.2087542098953E-8 hp*h
1 hp*h = 23759999.993558 in*lbf

Example: convert 15 in*lbf to hp*h:
15 in*lbf = 15 × 4.2087542098953E-8 hp*h = 6.313131314843E-7 hp*h

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