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Convert Inch-pound to Calorie (IT)

Please provide values below to convert inch-pound [in*lbf] to calorie (IT) [cal (IT), cal], or vice versa.


Inch-pound to Calorie (IT) Conversion Table

Inch-pound [in*lbf]Calorie (IT) [cal (IT), Cal]
0.01 in*lbf0.0002698596 cal (IT), cal
0.1 in*lbf0.0026985963 cal (IT), cal
1 in*lbf0.0269859628 cal (IT), cal
2 in*lbf0.0539719256 cal (IT), cal
3 in*lbf0.0809578884 cal (IT), cal
5 in*lbf0.134929814 cal (IT), cal
10 in*lbf0.2698596279 cal (IT), cal
20 in*lbf0.5397192559 cal (IT), cal
50 in*lbf1.3492981397 cal (IT), cal
100 in*lbf2.6985962794 cal (IT), cal
1000 in*lbf26.9859627936 cal (IT), cal

How to Convert Inch-pound to Calorie (IT)

1 in*lbf = 0.0269859628 cal (IT), cal
1 cal (IT), cal = 37.0563024803 in*lbf

Example: convert 15 in*lbf to cal (IT), cal:
15 in*lbf = 15 × 0.0269859628 cal (IT), cal = 0.4047894419 cal (IT), cal

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