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Convert Break to Pound-force Inch

Please provide values below to convert break to pound-force inch [lbf*in], or vice versa.


Break to Pound-force Inch Conversion Table

BreakPound-force Inch [lbf*in]
0.01 break8.8507457916E+24 lbf*in
0.1 break8.8507457916E+25 lbf*in
1 break8.8507457916E+26 lbf*in
2 break1.77014915832E+27 lbf*in
3 break2.65522373748E+27 lbf*in
5 break4.4253728958E+27 lbf*in
10 break8.8507457916E+27 lbf*in
20 break1.77014915832E+28 lbf*in
50 break4.4253728958E+28 lbf*in
100 break8.8507457916E+28 lbf*in
1000 break8.8507457916E+29 lbf*in

How to Convert Break to Pound-force Inch

1 break = 8.8507457916E+26 lbf*in
1 lbf*in = 1.1298482902413E-27 break

Example: convert 15 break to lbf*in:
15 break = 15 × 8.8507457916E+26 lbf*in = 1.32761186874E+28 lbf*in

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