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Convert Township to Square Pole

Please provide values below to convert township to square pole, or vice versa.


Township to Square Pole Conversion Table

TownshipSquare Pole
0.01 township36864 square pole
0.1 township368640 square pole
1 township3686400 square pole
2 township7372800 square pole
3 township11059200 square pole
5 township18432000 square pole
10 township36864000 square pole
20 township73728000 square pole
50 township184320000 square pole
100 township368640000 square pole
1000 township3686400000 square pole

How to Convert Township to Square Pole

1 township = 3686400 square pole
1 square pole = 2.7126736111111E-7 township

Example: convert 15 township to square pole:
15 township = 15 × 3686400 square pole = 55296000 square pole

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