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Convert square feet to square yards

Please provide values below to convert square foot [ft^2] to square yard [yd^2], or vice versa.


Square foot

Definition: A square foot (symbol: sq ft) is a unit of area used in the imperial and US customary systems (UCS). It is defined as the area of a square with one-foot sides. One square foot equals 144 square inches.

History/origin: The origin of the square foot can be seen in the term itself. It is a measurement derived from the area of a square with a side length measured in feet.

Current use: The square foot is mainly used in the United States but is also used to some extent in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and Hong Kong. In these countries, area in real estate, architecture, and of interior spaces is often specified in terms of square footage.

Square yard

Definition: A square yard (symbol: sq yd) is a unit of area in the imperial and United States customary systems of units, defined as the area of a square with one-yard (3 feet, 36 inches, 0.9144 meters) sides.

History/origin: Area is commonly represented in the form of a square with sides of a specific unit of length, written as "square" followed by the chosen unit of length. The square yard is one of many such units

Current use: The square yard is most commonly used as a measure of land area. It is not widely used around the world, but is still used within the United States, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom, to some degree.

Square Foot to Square Yard Conversion Table

Square Foot [ft^2]Square Yard [yd^2]
0.01 ft^20.0011111111 yd^2
0.1 ft^20.0111111111 yd^2
1 ft^20.1111111111 yd^2
2 ft^20.2222222222 yd^2
3 ft^20.3333333333 yd^2
5 ft^20.5555555556 yd^2
10 ft^21.1111111111 yd^2
20 ft^22.2222222222 yd^2
50 ft^25.5555555556 yd^2
100 ft^211.1111111111 yd^2
1000 ft^2111.1111111111 yd^2

How to Convert Square Foot to Square Yard

1 ft^2 = 0.1111111111 yd^2
1 yd^2 = 9 ft^2

Example: convert 15 ft^2 to yd^2:
15 ft^2 = 15 × 0.1111111111 yd^2 = 1.6666666667 yd^2

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