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Convert Stone (US) to Ton (long)

Please provide values below to convert stone (US) to ton (long) [ton (UK)], or vice versa.

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Stone (US) to Ton (long) Conversion Table

Stone (US)Ton (long) [ton (UK)]
0.01 stone (US)5.5803571428571E-5 ton (UK)
0.1 stone (US)0.00055803571428571 ton (UK)
1 stone (US)0.0055803571428571 ton (UK)
2 stone (US)0.011160714285714 ton (UK)
3 stone (US)0.016741071428571 ton (UK)
5 stone (US)0.027901785714286 ton (UK)
10 stone (US)0.055803571428571 ton (UK)
20 stone (US)0.11160714285714 ton (UK)
50 stone (US)0.27901785714286 ton (UK)
100 stone (US)0.55803571428571 ton (UK)
1000 stone (US)5.5803571428571 ton (UK)

How to Convert Stone (US) to Ton (long)

1 stone (US) = 0.0055803571428571 ton (UK)
1 ton (UK) = 179.2 stone (US)

Example: convert 15 stone (US) to ton (UK):
15 stone (US) = 15 × 0.0055803571428571 ton (UK) = 0.083705357142857 ton (UK)

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