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Convert Stone (US) to Quintal (metric)

Please provide values below to convert stone (US) to quintal (metric) [cwt], or vice versa.

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Stone (US) to Quintal (metric) Conversion Table

Stone (US)Quintal (metric) [cwt]
0.01 stone (US)0.0005669904625 cwt
0.1 stone (US)0.005669904625 cwt
1 stone (US)0.05669904625 cwt
2 stone (US)0.1133980925 cwt
3 stone (US)0.17009713875 cwt
5 stone (US)0.28349523125 cwt
10 stone (US)0.5669904625 cwt
20 stone (US)1.133980925 cwt
50 stone (US)2.8349523125 cwt
100 stone (US)5.669904625 cwt
1000 stone (US)56.69904625 cwt

How to Convert Stone (US) to Quintal (metric)

1 stone (US) = 0.05669904625 cwt
1 cwt = 17.63698097479 stone (US)

Example: convert 15 stone (US) to cwt:
15 stone (US) = 15 × 0.05669904625 cwt = 0.85048569375 cwt

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