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Convert Stone (US) to Poundal

Please provide values below to convert stone (US) to poundal [pdl], or vice versa.

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Stone (US) to Poundal Conversion Table

Stone (US)Poundal [pdl]
0.01 stone (US)4.0250000000039 pdl
0.1 stone (US)40.250000000039 pdl
1 stone (US)402.50000000039 pdl
2 stone (US)805.00000000079 pdl
3 stone (US)1207.5000000012 pdl
5 stone (US)2012.500000002 pdl
10 stone (US)4025.0000000039 pdl
20 stone (US)8050.0000000079 pdl
50 stone (US)20125.00000002 pdl
100 stone (US)40250.000000039 pdl
1000 stone (US)402500.00000039 pdl

How to Convert Stone (US) to Poundal

1 stone (US) = 402.50000000039 pdl
1 pdl = 0.002484472049687 stone (US)

Example: convert 15 stone (US) to pdl:
15 stone (US) = 15 × 402.50000000039 pdl = 6037.5000000059 pdl

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