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Convert Minim (US) to Cubic Meter

Please provide values below to convert minim (US) to cubic meter [m^3], or vice versa.

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Minim (US) to Cubic Meter Conversion Table

Minim (US)Cubic Meter [m^3]
0.01 minim (US)6.1611519921875E-10 m^3
0.1 minim (US)6.1611519921875E-9 m^3
1 minim (US)6.1611519921875E-8 m^3
2 minim (US)1.2322303984375E-7 m^3
3 minim (US)1.8483455976563E-7 m^3
5 minim (US)3.0805759960938E-7 m^3
10 minim (US)6.1611519921875E-7 m^3
20 minim (US)1.2322303984375E-6 m^3
50 minim (US)3.0805759960938E-6 m^3
100 minim (US)6.1611519921875E-6 m^3
1000 minim (US)6.1611519921875E-5 m^3

How to Convert Minim (US) to Cubic Meter

1 minim (US) = 6.1611519921875E-8 m^3
1 m^3 = 16230730.896885 minim (US)

Example: convert 15 minim (US) to m^3:
15 minim (US) = 15 × 6.1611519921875E-8 m^3 = 9.2417279882813E-7 m^3

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