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Convert Acre-foot (US Survey) to Cubic Meter

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Acre-foot (US Survey) to Cubic Meter Conversion Table

Acre-foot (US Survey)Cubic Meter [m^3]
0.01 acre-foot (US survey)12.334892384681 m^3
0.1 acre-foot (US survey)123.34892384681 m^3
1 acre-foot (US survey)1233.4892384681 m^3
2 acre-foot (US survey)2466.9784769363 m^3
3 acre-foot (US survey)3700.4677154044 m^3
5 acre-foot (US survey)6167.4461923407 m^3
10 acre-foot (US survey)12334.892384681 m^3
20 acre-foot (US survey)24669.784769363 m^3
50 acre-foot (US survey)61674.461923407 m^3
100 acre-foot (US survey)123348.92384681 m^3
1000 acre-foot (US survey)1233489.2384681 m^3

How to Convert Acre-foot (US Survey) to Cubic Meter

1 acre-foot (US survey) = 1233.4892384681 m^3
1 m^3 = 0.00081070832952048 acre-foot (US survey)

Example: convert 15 acre-foot (US survey) to m^3:
15 acre-foot (US survey) = 15 × 1233.4892384681 m^3 = 18502.338577022 m^3

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