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Convert Cord Feet to Cross Tie

Please provide values below to convert cord feet to cross tie, or vice versa.


Cord Feet to Cross Tie Conversion Table

Cord FeetCross Tie
0.01 cord feet0.048 cross tie
0.1 cord feet0.4800000002 cross tie
1 cord feet4.8000000018 cross tie
2 cord feet9.6000000036 cross tie
3 cord feet14.4000000054 cross tie
5 cord feet24.0000000091 cross tie
10 cord feet48.0000000181 cross tie
20 cord feet96.0000000362 cross tie
50 cord feet240.0000000906 cross tie
100 cord feet480.0000001812 cross tie
1000 cord feet4800.0000018123 cross tie

How to Convert Cord Feet to Cross Tie

1 cord feet = 4.8000000018 cross tie
1 cross tie = 0.2083333333 cord feet

Example: convert 15 cord feet to cross tie:
15 cord feet = 15 × 4.8000000018 cross tie = 72.0000000272 cross tie

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