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Convert Cross Tie to Cord Feet

Please provide values below to convert cross tie to cord feet, or vice versa.


Cross Tie to Cord Feet Conversion Table

Cross TieCord Feet
0.01 cross tie0.0020833333 cord feet
0.1 cross tie0.0208333333 cord feet
1 cross tie0.2083333333 cord feet
2 cross tie0.4166666665 cord feet
3 cross tie0.6249999998 cord feet
5 cross tie1.0416666663 cord feet
10 cross tie2.0833333325 cord feet
20 cross tie4.1666666651 cord feet
50 cross tie10.4166666627 cord feet
100 cross tie20.8333333255 cord feet
1000 cross tie208.3333332547 cord feet

How to Convert Cross Tie to Cord Feet

1 cross tie = 0.2083333333 cord feet
1 cord feet = 4.8000000018 cross tie

Example: convert 15 cross tie to cord feet:
15 cross tie = 15 × 0.2083333333 cord feet = 3.1249999988 cord feet

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