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Convert Cord Feet to Switch Tie

Please provide values below to convert cord feet to switch tie, or vice versa.


Cord Feet to Switch Tie Conversion Table

Cord FeetSwitch Tie
0.01 cord feet0.0304761905 switch tie
0.1 cord feet0.3047619048 switch tie
1 cord feet3.0476190477 switch tie
2 cord feet6.0952380955 switch tie
3 cord feet9.1428571432 switch tie
5 cord feet15.2380952386 switch tie
10 cord feet30.4761904773 switch tie
20 cord feet60.9523809545 switch tie
50 cord feet152.3809523863 switch tie
100 cord feet304.7619047727 switch tie
1000 cord feet3047.6190477269 switch tie

How to Convert Cord Feet to Switch Tie

1 cord feet = 3.0476190477 switch tie
1 switch tie = 0.328125 cord feet

Example: convert 15 cord feet to switch tie:
15 cord feet = 15 × 3.0476190477 switch tie = 45.7142857159 switch tie

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