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Convert Cord Feet to Board Feet

Please provide values below to convert cord feet to board feet, or vice versa.


Cord Feet to Board Feet Conversion Table

Cord FeetBoard Feet
0.01 cord feet1.9200000003 board feet
0.1 cord feet19.2000000027 board feet
1 cord feet192.0000000272 board feet
2 cord feet384.0000000544 board feet
3 cord feet576.0000000816 board feet
5 cord feet960.0000001359 board feet
10 cord feet1920.0000002718 board feet
20 cord feet3840.0000005437 board feet
50 cord feet9600.0000013592 board feet
100 cord feet19200.000002718 board feet
1000 cord feet192000.00002718 board feet

How to Convert Cord Feet to Board Feet

1 cord feet = 192.0000000272 board feet
1 board feet = 0.0052083333 cord feet

Example: convert 15 cord feet to board feet:
15 cord feet = 15 × 192.0000000272 board feet = 2880.0000004078 board feet

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