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Convert Board Feet to Cord Feet

Please provide values below to convert board feet to cord feet, or vice versa.


Board Feet to Cord Feet Conversion Table

Board FeetCord Feet
0.01 board feet5.20833E-5 cord feet
0.1 board feet0.0005208333 cord feet
1 board feet0.0052083333 cord feet
2 board feet0.0104166667 cord feet
3 board feet0.015625 cord feet
5 board feet0.0260416667 cord feet
10 board feet0.0520833333 cord feet
20 board feet0.1041666667 cord feet
50 board feet0.2604166666 cord feet
100 board feet0.5208333333 cord feet
1000 board feet5.2083333326 cord feet

How to Convert Board Feet to Cord Feet

1 board feet = 0.0052083333 cord feet
1 cord feet = 192.0000000272 board feet

Example: convert 15 board feet to cord feet:
15 board feet = 15 × 0.0052083333 cord feet = 0.078125 cord feet

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