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Convert Millimeter to Furlong (US Survey)

Please provide values below to convert millimeter [mm] to furlong (US survey) [fur], or vice versa.

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Millimeter to Furlong (US Survey) Conversion Table

Millimeter [mm]Furlong (US Survey) [fur]
0.01 mm4.9709595959596E-8 fur
0.1 mm4.9709595959596E-7 fur
1 mm4.9709595959596E-6 fur
2 mm9.9419191919192E-6 fur
3 mm1.4912878787879E-5 fur
5 mm2.4854797979798E-5 fur
10 mm4.9709595959596E-5 fur
20 mm9.9419191919192E-5 fur
50 mm0.00024854797979798 fur
100 mm0.00049709595959596 fur
1000 mm0.0049709595959596 fur

How to Convert Millimeter to Furlong (US Survey)

1 mm = 4.9709595959596E-6 fur
1 fur = 201168.4023368 mm

Example: convert 15 mm to fur:
15 mm = 15 × 4.9709595959596E-6 fur = 7.4564393939394E-5 fur

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