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Convert Bohr Radius to Meter

Please provide values below to convert Bohr radius [b, a.u.] to meter [m], or vice versa.

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Bohr Radius to Meter Conversion Table

Bohr Radius [b, A.u.]Meter [m]
0.01 b, a.u.5.2917724900001E-13 m
0.1 b, a.u.5.2917724900001E-12 m
1 b, a.u.5.2917724900001E-11 m
2 b, a.u.1.058354498E-10 m
3 b, a.u.1.587531747E-10 m
5 b, a.u.2.645886245E-10 m
10 b, a.u.5.2917724900001E-10 m
20 b, a.u.1.058354498E-9 m
50 b, a.u.2.645886245E-9 m
100 b, a.u.5.2917724900001E-9 m
1000 b, a.u.5.2917724900001E-8 m

How to Convert Bohr Radius to Meter

1 b, a.u. = 5.2917724900001E-11 m
1 m = 18897259885.789 b, a.u.

Example: convert 15 b, a.u. to m:
15 b, a.u. = 15 × 5.2917724900001E-11 m = 7.9376587350001E-10 m

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