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Convert Micronewton to Ton-force (metric)

Please provide values below to convert micronewton [µN] to ton-force (metric) [tf], or vice versa.

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Micronewton to Ton-force (metric) Conversion Table

Micronewton [µN]Ton-force (metric) [tf]
0.01 µN1.0197162129779E-12 tf
0.1 µN1.0197162129779E-11 tf
1 µN1.0197162129779E-10 tf
2 µN2.0394324259559E-10 tf
3 µN3.0591486389338E-10 tf
5 µN5.0985810648896E-10 tf
10 µN1.0197162129779E-9 tf
20 µN2.0394324259559E-9 tf
50 µN5.0985810648897E-9 tf
100 µN1.0197162129779E-8 tf
1000 µN1.0197162129779E-7 tf

How to Convert Micronewton to Ton-force (metric)

1 µN = 1.0197162129779E-10 tf
1 tf = 9806650000 µN

Example: convert 15 µN to tf:
15 µN = 15 × 1.0197162129779E-10 tf = 1.5295743194669E-9 tf

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