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Convert newtons to kg

Please provide values below to convert newton [N] to kilogram-force [kgf], or vice versa.



Definition: The newton (symbol: N) is the SI (International System of Units) derived unit of force. It is defined as 1 kilogram·meter/second2.

History/origin: The unit newton is named after Isaac Newton for his contribution to classical mechanics – particularly his second law of motion, which states that the rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the applied force, and that this change in momentum occurs in the direction of the applied force.

Current use: As an SI derived unit of force, the newton is the preferred unit of force, and is widely used in scientific contexts, particularly in physics. In everyday use, units such as the pound-force are sometimes used in place of newtons in countries like the United States.


Definition: A kilogram-force (symbol: kgf) is a unit of force in the gravitational metric system. It is defined as the magnitude of force applied to one kilogram of mass under the condition of standard gravity (9.80665 m/s2). One kilogram-force is therefore equal to 9.80665 N.

History/origin: Although the kilogram-force was used in some imprecise measurements of force in the past, it was not until 1901 when the General Conference of Weights and Measures adopted a standard acceleration due to gravity of 9.80665 m/s2 that the kilogram-force became a well-defined measurement of force. Prior to the adoption of the International System of Units (SI) in 1960, the kilogram force was used around the world in the space programs of countries like China, Germany, and Russia.

Current use: The kilogram-force has largely been replaced by the Newton, the SI derived unit of force, but is still used in China, and in some cases, by the European Space Agency, an intergovernmental agency consisting of 22 member states.

Newton to Kilogram-force Conversion Table

Newton [N]Kilogram-force [kgf]
0.01 N0.0010197162 kgf
0.1 N0.0101971621 kgf
1 N0.1019716213 kgf
2 N0.2039432426 kgf
3 N0.3059148639 kgf
5 N0.5098581065 kgf
10 N1.019716213 kgf
20 N2.039432426 kgf
50 N5.0985810649 kgf
100 N10.1971621298 kgf
1000 N101.9716212978 kgf

How to Convert Newton to Kilogram-force

1 N = 0.1019716213 kgf
1 kgf = 9.80665 N

Example: convert 15 N to kgf:
15 N = 15 × 0.1019716213 kgf = 1.5295743195 kgf

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