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Convert Therm to Mega Btu (IT)

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Therm to Mega Btu (IT) Conversion Table

ThermMega Btu (IT) [MBtu (IT)]
0.01 therm0.0010000001 MBtu (IT)
0.1 therm0.0100000014 MBtu (IT)
1 therm0.100000014 MBtu (IT)
2 therm0.2000000279 MBtu (IT)
3 therm0.3000000419 MBtu (IT)
5 therm0.5000000698 MBtu (IT)
10 therm1.0000001397 MBtu (IT)
20 therm2.0000002794 MBtu (IT)
50 therm5.0000006984 MBtu (IT)
100 therm10.0000013969 MBtu (IT)
1000 therm100.0000139689 MBtu (IT)

How to Convert Therm to Mega Btu (IT)

1 therm = 0.100000014 MBtu (IT)
1 MBtu (IT) = 9.9999986031 therm

Example: convert 15 therm to MBtu (IT):
15 therm = 15 × 0.100000014 MBtu (IT) = 1.5000002095 MBtu (IT)

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