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Convert Therm to Btu (IT)

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Therm to Btu (IT) Conversion Table

ThermBtu (IT) [Btu (IT), Btu]
0.01 therm1000.0001396893 Btu (IT), Btu
0.1 therm10000.001396893 Btu (IT), Btu
1 therm100000.01396893 Btu (IT), Btu
2 therm200000.02793786 Btu (IT), Btu
3 therm300000.04190679 Btu (IT), Btu
5 therm500000.06984464 Btu (IT), Btu
10 therm1000000.1396893 Btu (IT), Btu
20 therm2000000.2793786 Btu (IT), Btu
50 therm5000000.6984464 Btu (IT), Btu
100 therm10000001.396893 Btu (IT), Btu
1000 therm100000013.96893 Btu (IT), Btu

How to Convert Therm to Btu (IT)

1 therm = 100000.01396893 Btu (IT), Btu
1 Btu (IT), Btu = 9.9999986031073E-6 therm

Example: convert 15 therm to Btu (IT), Btu:
15 therm = 15 × 100000.01396893 Btu (IT), Btu = 1500000.2095339 Btu (IT), Btu

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