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Convert Gigajoule to Therm (EC)

Please provide values below to convert gigajoule [GJ] to therm (EC), or vice versa.

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Gigajoule to Therm (EC) Conversion Table

Gigajoule [GJ]Therm (EC)
0.01 GJ0.0947816988 therm (EC)
0.1 GJ0.9478169879 therm (EC)
1 GJ9.4781698791 therm (EC)
2 GJ18.9563397583 therm (EC)
3 GJ28.4345096374 therm (EC)
5 GJ47.3908493957 therm (EC)
10 GJ94.7816987913 therm (EC)
20 GJ189.5633975827 therm (EC)
50 GJ473.9084939567 therm (EC)
100 GJ947.8169879134 therm (EC)
1000 GJ9478.1698791344 therm (EC)

How to Convert Gigajoule to Therm (EC)

1 GJ = 9.4781698791 therm (EC)
1 therm (EC) = 0.1055056 GJ

Example: convert 15 GJ to therm (EC):
15 GJ = 15 × 9.4781698791 therm (EC) = 142.172548187 therm (EC)

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