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Convert Gigajoule to Mega Btu (IT)

Please provide values below to convert gigajoule [GJ] to mega Btu (IT) [MBtu (IT)], or vice versa.

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Gigajoule to Mega Btu (IT) Conversion Table

Gigajoule [GJ]Mega Btu (IT) [MBtu (IT)]
0.01 GJ0.0094781712 MBtu (IT)
0.1 GJ0.094781712 MBtu (IT)
1 GJ0.9478171203 MBtu (IT)
2 GJ1.8956342406 MBtu (IT)
3 GJ2.8434513609 MBtu (IT)
5 GJ4.7390856016 MBtu (IT)
10 GJ9.4781712031 MBtu (IT)
20 GJ18.9563424063 MBtu (IT)
50 GJ47.3908560157 MBtu (IT)
100 GJ94.7817120313 MBtu (IT)
1000 GJ947.8171203133 MBtu (IT)

How to Convert Gigajoule to Mega Btu (IT)

1 GJ = 0.9478171203 MBtu (IT)
1 MBtu (IT) = 1.0550558526 GJ

Example: convert 15 GJ to MBtu (IT):
15 GJ = 15 × 0.9478171203 MBtu (IT) = 14.2172568047 MBtu (IT)

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