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Convert Slug to Ton (short)

Please provide values below to convert slug to ton (short) [ton (US)], or vice versa.


Slug to Ton (short) Conversion Table

SlugTon (short) [ton (US)]
0.01 slug0.0001608702 ton (US)
0.1 slug0.0016087024 ton (US)
1 slug0.0160870243 ton (US)
2 slug0.0321740486 ton (US)
3 slug0.0482610728 ton (US)
5 slug0.0804351214 ton (US)
10 slug0.1608702428 ton (US)
20 slug0.3217404856 ton (US)
50 slug0.8043512139 ton (US)
100 slug1.6087024278 ton (US)
1000 slug16.0870242782 ton (US)

How to Convert Slug to Ton (short)

1 slug = 0.0160870243 ton (US)
1 ton (US) = 62.1619003431 slug

Example: convert 15 slug to ton (US):
15 slug = 15 × 0.0160870243 ton (US) = 0.2413053642 ton (US)

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