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Convert Slug to Carat

Please provide values below to convert slug to carat [car, ct], or vice versa.


Slug to Carat Conversion Table

SlugCarat [car, Ct]
0.01 slug729.6951468602 car, ct
0.1 slug7296.9514686023 car, ct
1 slug72969.514686023 car, ct
2 slug145939.02937205 car, ct
3 slug218908.54405807 car, ct
5 slug364847.57343012 car, ct
10 slug729695.14686023 car, ct
20 slug1459390.2937205 car, ct
50 slug3648475.7343012 car, ct
100 slug7296951.4686023 car, ct
1000 slug72969514.686023 car, ct

How to Convert Slug to Carat

1 slug = 72969.514686023 car, ct
1 car, ct = 1.37044E-5 slug

Example: convert 15 slug to car, ct:
15 slug = 15 × 72969.514686023 car, ct = 1094542.7202903 car, ct

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