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Convert Slug to Ton (assay) (US)

Please provide values below to convert slug to ton (assay) (US) [AT (US)], or vice versa.


Slug to Ton (assay) (US) Conversion Table

SlugTon (assay) (US) [AT (US)]
0.01 slug5.0036232923 AT (US)
0.1 slug50.0362329234 AT (US)
1 slug500.3623292342 AT (US)
2 slug1000.7246584684 AT (US)
3 slug1501.0869877025 AT (US)
5 slug2501.8116461709 AT (US)
10 slug5003.6232923418 AT (US)
20 slug10007.246584684 AT (US)
50 slug25018.116461709 AT (US)
100 slug50036.232923418 AT (US)
1000 slug500362.32923418 AT (US)

How to Convert Slug to Ton (assay) (US)

1 slug = 500.3623292342 AT (US)
1 AT (US) = 0.0019985517 slug

Example: convert 15 slug to AT (US):
15 slug = 15 × 500.3623292342 AT (US) = 7505.4349385127 AT (US)

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