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Convert Mina (Biblical Greek) to Kilogram

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Mina (Biblical Greek) to Kilogram Conversion Table

Mina (Biblical Greek)Kilogram [kg]
0.01 mina (Biblical Greek)0.0034 kg
0.1 mina (Biblical Greek)0.034 kg
1 mina (Biblical Greek)0.34 kg
2 mina (Biblical Greek)0.68 kg
3 mina (Biblical Greek)1.02 kg
5 mina (Biblical Greek)1.7 kg
10 mina (Biblical Greek)3.4 kg
20 mina (Biblical Greek)6.8 kg
50 mina (Biblical Greek)17 kg
100 mina (Biblical Greek)34 kg
1000 mina (Biblical Greek)340 kg

How to Convert Mina (Biblical Greek) to Kilogram

1 mina (Biblical Greek) = 0.34 kg
1 kg = 2.9411764705882 mina (Biblical Greek)

Example: convert 15 mina (Biblical Greek) to kg:
15 mina (Biblical Greek) = 15 × 0.34 kg = 5.1 kg

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