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Convert Kilogram to Quarter (UK)

Please provide values below to convert kilogram [kg] to quarter (UK) [qr (UK)], or vice versa.

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Kilogram to Quarter (UK) Conversion Table

Kilogram [kg]Quarter (UK) [qr (UK)]
0.01 kg0.00078736522208885 qr (UK)
0.1 kg0.0078736522208885 qr (UK)
1 kg0.078736522208885 qr (UK)
2 kg0.15747304441777 qr (UK)
3 kg0.23620956662665 qr (UK)
5 kg0.39368261104442 qr (UK)
10 kg0.78736522208885 qr (UK)
20 kg1.5747304441777 qr (UK)
50 kg3.9368261104442 qr (UK)
100 kg7.8736522208885 qr (UK)
1000 kg78.736522208885 qr (UK)

How to Convert Kilogram to Quarter (UK)

1 kg = 0.078736522208885 qr (UK)
1 qr (UK) = 12.70058636 kg

Example: convert 15 kg to qr (UK):
15 kg = 15 × 0.078736522208885 qr (UK) = 1.1810478331333 qr (UK)

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