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Convert Tun to Fluid Ounce (US)

Please provide values below to convert tun to fluid ounce (US) [fl oz (US)], or vice versa.

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Tun to Fluid Ounce (US) Conversion Table

TunFluid Ounce (US) [fl Oz (US)]
0.01 tun322.56 fl oz (US)
0.1 tun3225.6 fl oz (US)
1 tun32256 fl oz (US)
2 tun64512 fl oz (US)
3 tun96768 fl oz (US)
5 tun161280 fl oz (US)
10 tun322560 fl oz (US)
20 tun645120 fl oz (US)
50 tun1612800 fl oz (US)
100 tun3225600 fl oz (US)
1000 tun32256000 fl oz (US)

How to Convert Tun to Fluid Ounce (US)

1 tun = 32256 fl oz (US)
1 fl oz (US) = 3.1002E-5 tun

Example: convert 15 tun to fl oz (US):
15 tun = 15 × 32256 fl oz (US) = 483840 fl oz (US)

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