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Convert Cross Tie to Switch Tie

Please provide values below to convert cross tie to switch tie, or vice versa.


Cross Tie to Switch Tie Conversion Table

Cross TieSwitch Tie
0.01 cross tie0.0063492063 switch tie
0.1 cross tie0.0634920635 switch tie
1 cross tie0.6349206347 switch tie
2 cross tie1.2698412694 switch tie
3 cross tie1.9047619041 switch tie
5 cross tie3.1746031735 switch tie
10 cross tie6.349206347 switch tie
20 cross tie12.6984126941 switch tie
50 cross tie31.7460317352 switch tie
100 cross tie63.4920634703 switch tie
1000 cross tie634.9206347034 switch tie

How to Convert Cross Tie to Switch Tie

1 cross tie = 0.6349206347 switch tie
1 switch tie = 1.5750000005 cross tie

Example: convert 15 cross tie to switch tie:
15 cross tie = 15 × 0.6349206347 switch tie = 9.5238095206 switch tie

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