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Convert Cross Tie to Board Feet

Please provide values below to convert cross tie to board feet, or vice versa.


Cross Tie to Board Feet Conversion Table

Cross TieBoard Feet
0.01 cross tie0.3999999999 board feet
0.1 cross tie3.9999999991 board feet
1 cross tie39.9999999906 board feet
2 cross tie79.9999999811 board feet
3 cross tie119.9999999717 board feet
5 cross tie199.9999999528 board feet
10 cross tie399.9999999056 board feet
20 cross tie799.9999998112 board feet
50 cross tie1999.9999995281 board feet
100 cross tie3999.9999990561 board feet
1000 cross tie39999.999990561 board feet

How to Convert Cross Tie to Board Feet

1 cross tie = 39.9999999906 board feet
1 board feet = 0.025 cross tie

Example: convert 15 cross tie to board feet:
15 cross tie = 15 × 39.9999999906 board feet = 599.9999998584 board feet

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