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Convert Switch Tie to Cross Tie

Please provide values below to convert switch tie to cross tie, or vice versa.


Switch Tie to Cross Tie Conversion Table

Switch TieCross Tie
0.01 switch tie0.01575 cross tie
0.1 switch tie0.1575000001 cross tie
1 switch tie1.5750000005 cross tie
2 switch tie3.1500000011 cross tie
3 switch tie4.7250000016 cross tie
5 switch tie7.8750000027 cross tie
10 switch tie15.7500000054 cross tie
20 switch tie31.5000000108 cross tie
50 switch tie78.7500000269 cross tie
100 switch tie157.5000000539 cross tie
1000 switch tie1575.0000005389 cross tie

How to Convert Switch Tie to Cross Tie

1 switch tie = 1.5750000005 cross tie
1 cross tie = 0.6349206347 switch tie

Example: convert 15 switch tie to cross tie:
15 switch tie = 15 × 1.5750000005 cross tie = 23.6250000081 cross tie

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